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Do you know the warning signs of gum disease? Click here and for  a description of things to be watching out for.

Did you know a dentist invented cotton candy? He called it "Fairy Floss."  It was introduced at the Worlds Fair in St. Louis in 1904.

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To Floss or Not to Floss-- That Is the Quesion.

Flossing: Have Dentists Been Stringing Us Along?

Flossing's Effectiveness Called Into Question

Fussing Over Flossing

Tossing Flossing

Have you seen these headlines???

     It's certainly enough to make a dentist cringe!

In case you missed it, a couple of studies were released not long back that suggested flossing didn't do all that much good.  It appears just about every news medium in the country picked up on this!

     Here's our take on it:

     To began with, the studies never said there was anything *wrong* with flossing, just that evidence to support that it helped was weak.  Some things are just difficult to measure.  Also, there’s more at stake than just gum disease; food and plaque left between teeth can cause cavities, particularly if your gums have receded.

     Bottom line: we continue to recommend regular cleaning between teeth using floss, Waterpik, tiny brushes that reach between the teeth (Soft Picks, Proxabrushes), or wooden plaque removers (e.g., Stim-u-dent).

     If you have any questions never hesitate to as us; we’re always ready to talk teeth!

Dr. Warner was interviewed on the radio recently about flossing; click to here his comments.