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          *More and more people opt for tooth-colored fillings when they need a restoration in their back teeth.  We are certainly glad to provide them but be aware many insurance companies will not pay for these or will pay a lesser percentage of the fee than they would for the traditional silver fillings.  This isn’t an issue on teeth toward the front of the mouth, only the molars and bicuspids.  Bottom line is many times you will need to pay more out-of-pocket if you want tooth-colored fillings on back teeth.

          *Some procedures (crowns, bridges, implants, dentures) need to be preauthorized with insurance before we can start.  This usually takes a few weeks.  Keep this in mind if you have a deadline (you want a new crown before a wedding, etc).

          *Many people try and time dental work in such a way that they can best take advantage of their yearly maximums or of paid up deductibles.   Don’t wait too close to the end of the year, though!  The schedule can get very busy in December and cases may take longer to get back from the dental laboratories as they will close for the holidays.

          *Insurance companies have time limits before they will pay to replace bridges, dentures, and so forth.  This is typically five years, but may be longer.  That’s fairly easy to understand.  Where it gets confusing is if a person had, for example, a partial denture made to replace missing teeth but now wants to move forward with implants to replace the missing teeth instead.  The insurance company will likely deny the implants until the time limit has elapsed because they already covered the partial denture. 

    Don’t forget to bring your current dental insurance card and a list of medications you are taking.  New patients will need to fill out a registration form and health history questionnaire. We need everyone to update the health history portion once a year.  Your teeth are connected to the rest of you and we need to make certain nothing we do has a unfavorable effect somewhere else in your body!  Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment time so you can do this.  If you prefer you can have this filled out in advance and bring it with you.  If you click here it will take you to where you can download a copy of the form.

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