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Getting the stains off brings your teeth back to their natural color.  To get them lighter than that you will need to bleach them.  Click here for more information.

Did you know everyone’s tongue is different?  Your tongue print is every bit as unique as your finger print!

Here’s some tips to keep your smile looking in top shape-

          1.Stain normally comes from foods, and lots of foods can cause stains.  As a general rule if it can stain your clothes then it can stain your teeth.

          2.Coffee and tea are big culprits.  If you can’t give them up, consider adding milk to them; there is some evidence this cuts down on the staining potential.

          3.Tobacco is the biggest stainer.  Cut down or better still eliminate its use.

          4.Avoid sipping soft drinks all day.  A glass with a meal or snack is OK but the prolonged sipping not only stains teeth it causes cavities.

          5.Floss daily; this helps eliminate sticky plaque that attracts food particles that cause stain.

          6.Brush twice a day.  Boring... but it helps.  Brush your teeth as soon after eating as possible.  If you can’t at least rinse with water.

          7.Stain tends to collect between teeth so try coating your floss with some whitening toothpaste before using it.

          8.Red wine’s dark hue stains teeth.  If you like wine consider a switch from red to white.

          9.You may be able to get rid of some stain yourself.  Try brushing with baking soda; if that doesn’t do it some of the over-the-counter products may work.  They aren’t very effective at bleaching (that is, changing the natural color of your teeth) but may lighten superficial stains.  Deeper stains will need a dentist’s help.  If hard, yellowish deposits (tartar) have formed then it’s time to have your teeth professionally cleaned.

          10. Chewing seeds, nuts, and other lightly abrasive hard foods rubs plaque and stains from the surfaces of the teeth.  Besides keeping stains down they are also full of protein and healthy fats!

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