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Likely no surprise, but most dentists aren't thrilled with intraoral piercings.  The most frequent problem we see is damage to the gums.  Tongue rings can cause gums to pull away from the backs of the teeth, leading to bone loss around the teeth.  We've also had several cases of broken and cracked teeth from them.  We have seen some patients that have had their tongue swell up from infection.  It's also possible to suffer nerve damage to the tongue, swallow a piece of the jewelry,  or have an infection spread.

Richard Warner, D.D.S. Family Dentist in Council Bluffs, Iowa

If you already have a tongue ring or are bound and determined to get one anyway, here's some things to keep in mind:

   * Contact a dentist or physician right away if you notice swelling of the pierced tissue, pain, a red-streaked appearance, or any signs of infection such as a fever or chills.

   * Keep it clean.  Use a mouth rinse after every meal.  Biotene or other similar alcohol free commercial products would work or make your own rinse by dissolving one fourth cup of salt in a glass of warm water.   Make sure your hands are clean before taking it in or out.

   * Take the jewelry out before participating in sports.

   * Make sure attachments are kept tight to prevent you from swallowing any pieces that may come loose.

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