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Dr. Dick (left) and Dr. Bob Warner (right) doing the “House Calls” medical talk show recently on KMA radio.

What can I expect as a new patient?

   You can expect a sincere welcome from everyone you meet at that visit.  Health care is a very personal thing.  By coming to our office you have placed your trust in us.  We'll do everything we can to not betray that trust.  We'll never make you feel guilty, even if it's been awhile since you and a dentist have crossed paths!

   You can expect we will take time to answer your questions, both about your dental issues and insurance concerns.  In health care there are sometimes surprises, so we can't promise we'll never run late, but we sure try not to! 

   We will ask you to fill out a registration form and health history.  Click here if you would prefer to print a copy to fill out ahead of time and bring with you.  If you have dental insurance bring your insurance card so we can file the necessary insurance claims for you.  Visit Karen's insurance tips page for some additional suggestions.

Frequently Asked Questions...

Concerned about your breath? Click here for some ideas to counter the horror of halitosis!

Did you know Edgar Buchanan (Uncle Joe on the 60s TV show "Petticoat Junction") was a dentist?  After he got into acting full time his wife-- also a dentist-- took over his practice.

I don’t know where to start!  I know I have some dental needs but not sure what can be done.  What can I do?

    Most of the time folks start with our office by scheduling a complete exam and having their teeth cleaned.  More often than not this is the best place to begin.  We can take some x-rays and photos inside your mouth to see what your dental health status is and what your options are.

    If you aren’t ready for that step yet and just want to talk over your options in general or are seeking a second opinion you are quite welcome to call and schedule an appointment for a consultation.  The consultation visit is free.  You can come back for a comprehensive exam and x-rays at your convenience later if you decide to move forward with treatment.

    It helps if you an bring a list of any medications you are on with you.

Contact us...

Dr. Richard Warner

Phone (712) 328-1100

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Do you accept dental insurance?

   We are a member of most insurance PPO’s.  Employers regularly change their contracts with insurance companies; there should be a phone number on your insurance card or a website that will give you the lastest update as to what dental offices are included in their network.

Does your office provide all dental services?

   No and we're rather proud of that fact.  It would probably be "good for business" to do that, but would it be good for you?  Honestly,  have you ever known anyone that was excellent at everything?  What's that old phrase-- Jack of all trades, master of none?  We offer the procedures we can deliver with a great deal of confidence.  In cases we where we believe a dental specialist could provide a better service we will make that referral.  That you receive the best care is a higher priority than us having a full appointment book.  If we believe you do need the care of a dental specialist we will send you to where we go when one of us has that same need.

Was Dr. Warner on the radio?

    Our Dr. Warner was half of the morning team "Mark and Dick the Breakfast Flakes" on Sweet 98 radio (KQKQ-FM) its first year of operation, starting in the summer of 1980.  He relinquished that post for dental school but continued with the radio station as the host of the Sunday show “Nostalgia Rock” (“Dr. Dick Warner’s Oldies Show”) for a number of years.  His brother, Oncologist/Hematologist and Chief of Staff at Jennie Edmundson Hospital, Dr. Robert Warner, currently hosts a medical talk show Sunday mornings on KMA.  To make matters confusing Dr. Robert also worked at Sweet 98 and Dr. Richard sometimes is a guest or host on the KMA show.  More confusing still is most folks say the two brothers sound much alike.

    You can tune into “House Calls” on KMA radio, 960 AM, 9:30 every Sunday morning.