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In the early years of the 20th Century a bright, young, ambitious Council Bluffs lad had a goal— he wanted to become a dentist.  He achieved his dream in a few years, and went on to devote much of his life to educating others who shared his love for the profession.  He also left a legacy that continues today to help ensure quality training of young dentists.

As the Creighton University School of Dentistry celebrates its 100th anniversary this year it is housed in a spacious and modern building that bears the name of that Council Bluffs man and his wife, Dr. Harry N. and Maude Boyne.

Harry Boyne was born May 16, 1890 and graduated from Council Bluffs High School in 1910.  He was characterized by his classmates as being energetic and hard working, many times seeming wise and mature beyond his years.  Slender and red headed, he was sometimes teased as looking like a red-topped matchstick.  Young Mr. Boyne was popular and a good leader; he was president of his class junior and senior years as well as president of the Athletic Association and captain of the basketball and baseball teams.  The motto he chose to accompany his senior picture reflects his ambition: “The shaping of our own life is in our work.”

After graduation from Creighton University, Dr. Boyne served overseas in the Rainbow Division Medical Corps.  It was through this experience that he decided he wanted to specialize in maxillofacial surgery.  When he got back from the war he returned to school to earn an MS in oral surgery from Northwestern University (1924) and then an MD from Creighton in 1932.  In doing so he became the first individual to graduate from both Creighton’s dental and medical schools.  Using this combined training he established his niche as an oral plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

As he became increasingly fascinated with the profession he developed an interest in sharing that knowledge, a commitment he would keep for the rest of his life.  Dr. Boyne joined the Creighton faculty as a professor of Oral Surgery, in addition to working in his private practice.  He was a frequent guest speaker, invited to various seminars and lectures throughout the country.  Dr. Boyne was proclaimed Professor Emeritus at Creighton in 1963 after 38 years of teaching.

During this time period Creighton’s dental education facility and clinic had begun to show it’s age.  The 1921 building was becoming overcrowded, and rapid changes in dental technology were increasingly hard to incorporate.

Dr. Boyne and his wife Maude saw an opportunity where they could help— not just the current students, but something that would make a significant impact on the training of dentists at Creighton for decades to come.  The two worked with the University to become generous benefactors for creation a brand new ultramodern facility and establish an endowment for the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment.

The $10.3 million building was a quantum leap into the future.  Providing three times the space of the old school, the main clinic was able to expand from 89 to 171 chairs and the pediatric department from 6 to 23.  Spacious research areas were emphasized, and a closed circuit in-house television system was included that cost close to a half million dollars on its own.  The design of the structure itself was cutting edge, earning architects Leo A. Daly an American Institute of Architects Award.  The building opened in the fall of 1973.

Dr. and Mrs. Boyne resided their entire lives in Council Bluffs.  Dr. Boyne lived to see the building bearing his name almost completed; he died in February of 1973 after a short illness at the age of 83.  Maude Boyne was awarded honorary membership in the Omicron Kappa Epsilon Dental Society by Creighton in 1975; she died in 1977.  The Boynes had no children.

The profession continues to evolve and the Council Bluffs couples’ dream of assisting in modern dental education lives on, alive and well today.  Their endowment for equipment purchases continues to keep the school current, and the building is upgraded and modified as needs change, ensuring it remains a source of quality education and care as the dental college, now in its second century.

Creighton’s dental school resides in a building named for Council Bluffs dentist Harry Boyne and his wife Maude (top; inset is close-up of the sign over the door).

The 1910 basketball team of Council Bluffs High School looked quite serious in their yearbook photo.  Team captain Harry Boyne is pictured in the center holding the basketball.

(From the Council Bluffs High School

"Crimson and Blue")

Caricature of Harry Boyne drawn by one of his classmates. (From Council Bluffs High School "Crimson and Blue")

Dr. Harry Boyne.

(This article originally appeared in the Iowa Dental Journal.  It was written by Council Bluffs dentist Dr. Richard Warner.)